About Development

No Update for a long time

Seeing the release date of the previous devlog, I only just realized that it’s been 8 months since we last continued the development of this project. Clearly, all other work should have been aimed at ensuring the continuation of this game, but now it has become a sidelined project. I know that if I truly wanted to, I could always find the time, yet on the contrary, I manage to find every excuse to convince myself that there are more important matters at hand, thus causing this project to linger indefinitely. Lately, I’ve been frequently discussing this game— “A Little Song”—with different people, and I think it’s time to get back on track.

During this period, I developed a game as a prop for the movie “Journey of Discovery.” I deeply enjoyed the movie’s script, to the extent that I hope the game I create will have a significant thematic overlap with it. I’m also developing a zombie-shooting game for an art exhibition. The experiences accumulated during these developments will undoubtedly assist in the continued development of “A Little Song,” and I can’t wait to get started.

About Myself

Finding the Drive

There have also been some significant changes happening in my life. I have a strong intuition that I need to continue creating, to make good things happen. In fact, they’re already happening, but due to my immaturity, things have been a bit tumultuous. I believe everything that’s happening is still good, and I hope to cherish the tremendous luck that has come my way.

I recently read some of Annie Ernaux’s works, which were very moving and inspiring. Her works have also influenced my desire to continue developing the game. I don’t know what difficulties lie ahead in the development process, but I know that I can no longer stop developing this game.